Syd Cut offers a comprehensive range of core drilling services in and around the Sydney region. Having a vast experience in offering concrete core drill services, we are competent enough to undertake almost any project no matter how small or big it is. We can accommodate all forms of residential, commercial, industrial, and government projects.

Some of the core drilling projects that we can comfortably handle are:

  • Drilling for manholes
  • Drilling for handrail installation
  • Drilling for fencing
  • Drilling for power cables
  • Drilling for vents, wires, etc.
  • Drilling for plumbing pipes and electrical cables
  • Drilling in wall for light fixtures, ceilings, etc.
  • Creating manholes
  • Laying sewerage pipes
  • Laying steam vents for underground transportation system

This is just a rough list. Whatever be your need, get in touch with us and we will do the needful at a much affordable cost.

Our drilling equipments generate less dust

But how does that matter? A powerful vacuum work will clean off the dust.

This is the most common response that we get. We haven’t invested in the latest concrete core drillmachinery just to minimize the dust; we did so to make drilling safe for you as well as for our team. Concrete dust is harmful for people and pets. It stays in the air for a long time and prolonged exposure may cause respiratory problems. Being a concerned concrete cutting and drilling agency, we have bought some of the most advanced drilling machinery that will not only minimize the dust but also help us drill the exact size (and not approximate) of the hole that you want. Our machinery is non-polluting in nature and do not generate any fumes or smoke.

Our core drilling services are 100% safe

We are a licensed and certified company that is totally committed to adhere to highest industry standards. We are an insured agency and comply with occupational health and safety standards. This is the reason why we can guarantee you a safe and pleasant experience. We can work in isolated locations as well as at busy places such as residential apartments, offices, industries, power plants, busy roads, highways, etc. Our latest machinery creates very less noise than the conventional ones and therefore, we can also cater to hospitals and other sensitive areas.

Our advanced concrete core drill machines are operated by trained professionals who undergo rigorous training to ensure that the drilling operation is carried out safely even at high traffic areas. All the machines that we use undergo regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they don’t breakdown in the middle of the work or risk people and property. Further, we are an insured company and therefore, be assured that you don’t have to be financially liable for anything that goes wrong during the drilling work.

Drilling is a serious work and should be performed by trained and experienced professionals like us. To know more about our core drilling services and prices, call our customer support desk. We give equal importance to small as well as big projects, so be assured that quality will never be an issue with us.

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