At Syd Cut we believe in quality workmanship that lasts. When you hire us for the concrete core drilling Sydney municipalities need for roadwork you know you are hiring the team of experts who will do the job right for lasting performance.

Concrete Core Drilling Sydney Experts

Concrete requires specific treatment and equipment to respond well and stay intact when undergoing heavy-duty work such as core drilling. At Syd Cut we can provide the team you need to perform the job properly with an attention to detail and knowledge to trouble shoot issues and complete the job perfectly.

Proper Equipment and Performance

At Syd Cut we have state of the art equipment required to perform the concrete core drilling Sydney roadways require. Our team is trained to use the equipment efficiently with precise and accurate results. You can be certain that they will use the proper techniques required in wet or cold climates in order to avoid heavy maintenance in the future.

The Core Drilling you require

We can perform any type of core drilling required and can tailor our services to meet your needs. We can perform the common drilling required for road work including man hole drilling, drilling for underground maintenance tunnels, drilling for vent systems, run-off or steam pipe drilling, road drainage and grating and sewage piping.

Competitively Priced Core Drilling

At Syd Cut we believe we are not providing the complete services you require if we are not providing the best prices. It can be challenging to stay within the budget of your municipality and we do our best to work within your budget as well as providing the highest quality work for less maintenance and repairs down the road.

When you are in need of the concrete core drilling Sydney municipalities require call Syd Cut.

When you require a circular hole for installation of electrical, plumbing or telephone fittings, HVAC cabling or fencing, you require a concrete core drilling rig. In busy urban centres like Sydney,concrete core drilling is also highly required in the building and construction industries by both civic and private bodies. Home-owners and municipalities require these services for creating vents and gratings for escape or entry of gas, steam or air. Underground tunnels, sewage and drainage piping, installing lighting, fencing and foundations for buildings, etc are some areas where concrete core drilling is required.

Since concrete is one of the toughest and most enduring materials used in the construction industry, drilling through it requires great technical expertise and precision. While working on an existing building to create openings in retaining walls the operations have to be conducted perfectly to avoid damage to the main structure. If the building is one that houses sensitive materials or is a hospital/health-care facility, then care has to be taken to avoid toxic fumes from the exhaust, the spread of fine particle dust that can cause cancer or other life-threatening conditions, and to reduce noise/vibration from theconcrete core drilling rig.

The process involves drilling hole of specified dimensions in concrete with the use of special drill-bits that are hollow, with diamond edges. A plug or core of material being drilled is embedded into the hollow and can later be removed or blown out for testing or analysis. Sometimes the core is discarded, when the hole is to be used only for making a vent or conduit. The special drilling rig can be hired from a reputable firm.

Employing the services of a top-quality professionally licensed and affiliated service provider or company is the best solution to your concrete core drilling requirements in Sydney, as this is a highly skilled and specialized job. The operators must hold the appropriate certifications and licenses. They should also have the right kind of expertise and experience, follow the instructions strictly and enforce stringent safety conditions. Concrete core drilling can be dangerous if not conducted by properly trained people. In crowded cities like Sydney, working with these machines may pose a hazard to the public from flying debris, toxic fumes, concrete dust, loose machine parts and spillage of flammable fuels.

Hence, it is crucial to contract only with professionals with a good track-record and who are recommended by a trustworthy source. A proper estimate should be given with details of rates and time-frame, add-ons and compliance with insurance and workers’ compensation regulations. They should also give assurances and guarantees about damage to surrounding structures, accidents and shoddy work.

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