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At Syd Cut we are the concrete cutter Sydney depends on for their residential and commercial concrete cutting projects. You can depend on us for all of your concrete cutting needs from pools to commercial building sites.

Team of Pros

Syd Cut has the team of professional concrete experts that understand the importance of accuracy and making precision cuts for the best results. We use the proper equipment for the job and take special care to understand the details of the job before we begin. We want to be certain your job is carried out without issue and use every tool at our disposal from highly trained staff to excellent communication skills and state of the art equipment for perfect cuts every time.

Competitive Pricing

Because we are the concrete cutters that handle all jobs for all needs we make sure we are coming in with the most competitive pricing. We know it takes an expert concrete cutter to do the job right and we want to ensure all clients can afford our prices so they avoid any undue accidents or botched jobs trying to do it themselves.

A Safe Job

Trying to cut concrete with the wrong tools can lead to serious accidents as well as damage expensive tools and property. Calling expert concrete cutters is always the best idea when you have a concrete job that requires cutting.

At Syd Cut we know concrete. When you need a concrete cutter who will get the job done well without charging you an inflated price you can count on Syd Cut. Call us today for a quote and to discuss your concrete cutter needs. We can provide the advice you need and then schedule an appointment to come out and get the job done safely and accurately. Call us today.

If you’ve harboured illusions that using a concrete cutter is a breeze for any skilled building-demolition/construction DIY enthusiast, you need to think again! It can be messy, noisy and dangerous. If you don’t use the right equipment, you could end up spending a lot of time and money repairing the damage, and a whole lot more in case of accidents to people or workers in the vicinity and after all that, you may discover that you haven’t even got what you wanted.

A concrete cutter is a specialized piece of equipment that’s designed to cut through one of the toughest and most enduring materials known to man. It is a power tool that can slice through concrete, asphalt, reinforced concrete, masonry etc and is usually powered hydraulically, by gasoline or pneumatic pressure.

The machine consists of undercarriage, blade-shaft and frame assemblies, belt-guard, blade-cover, water system assemblies, raise/lower assembly, gas tank and water kit assemblies.

The blades used in concrete cutters are usually abrasive wheels but diamond blades are preferred since they can work through extremely hard substances extremely fast, thus reducing time and effort. Since the blades of a concrete cutter have to work their way through hard and super-resistant material, they get rapidly over-heated hence it’s essential to cool them down with a constant water-jet stream. Diamond blades don’t need to be cooled as much as abrasive wheels.  Water also helps to reduce concrete dust which can cause lung-cancer, silicosis or respiratory problems through prolonged inhalation over time.

Concrete cutters should be operated only by well-trained, experienced, licensed and certified professionals employed by a reputed company. They should work in well-ventilated areas and wear the proper safety equipment such as masks/gloves. The operator should read the manual thoroughly and understand the safety precautions to avoid hazards to self and others. Some dangers include exposure to lethal exhaust fumes and dust, dangers from flammable fuel and rotating parts, burn hazards, sight/hearing loss, accidental starting, etc. However, when maintained well and used by a qualified expert, the concrete cutter is an efficient, economical precision tool which gives years of excellent service.

Care should be taken to use the concrete cutter blades only to their recommended depth and on specified materials. It’s also important to survey and analyse the area to be cut before start of operations. Studying the layout, checking on what lies below the surface and ensuring that surrounding areas are not disturbed/damaged should be part of the standard operating procedure.

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