When it comes to roadwork there are a hundred factors that come into play to get the job done right. At Syd Cut we provide the core drilling Sydney needs to keep their roads in tiptop shape.

Weathering the Storm

Weather plays a key roll in road wear and tear and at Syd Cut we ensure we follow the exact requirements for the core drilling Sydney roads need to hold up to the wear and tear of weather long after the job is complete. The more care we take doing our job the less care the roads will require.

Quality and Value Core Drilling Sydney

Most municipalities are working under very strict budgets where every penny counts. At Syd Cut we offer the most competitive prices so you are paying the lowest prices but receiving the highest value for the core drilling Sydney road works require.

Highly Trained Professionals 

You want to know that when you hire a company to perform the core drilling Sydney requires you are hiring professionals who know their stuff. At Syd Cut we have been providing core-drilling services for years and are confident we can provide the highest quality services in the following areas:

  • Man hole drilling
  • Drilling for underground maintenance tunnels
  • Drilling for vent systems
  • Run-off or steam pipe drilling
  • Road drainage
  • Grating and Sewage Piping

When you are in need of the core drilling Sydney roadwork projects require you want to hire the company with the expertise, equipment and pricing that suits your needs. At Syd Cut we work with local municipalities to make sure the job gets done properly, on schedule and on budget so that you have your roads repaired, built and maintained for safe and convenient driving. Call us today.

The process of cutting or drilling through the earth, concrete or other hard materials using a hollow cylindrical drill bit rather than a normal solid drill bit is called core drilling. This creates a plug that fills the hollow part of the bit while creating the hole and this plug is either blown out or collected later. Hence, only the outline of the hole is drilled, while the plug remains inside. This method is commonly used for mining exploration, cutting through concrete for electrical or plumbing works. Some other areas where core drilling is required are in airports for runway lights, in nuclear decommissioning, manholes, piping, culverts, dowel drilling etc. Many architects also use core drilling as part of their design features on buildings.

The most commonly used drill bit in core drills is the diamond drill-bit as it is fast, efficient and works without getting over-heated. Once the drilling is complete, the core or plug can be removed and the hole with smooth edges and inside surface is ready for use.

Core drilling in Sydney is best left to experienced, well-trained and qualified professionals. In a highly-urbanized, busy area like this, core drilling experts need to work with the building industry on electrical and plumbing projects. They can make holes in concrete floors, ceilings, walls, foundations and supporting structures which have to accommodate phone and electrical wiring, plumbing lines, HVAC ducts, sprinklers, etc. without disturbing or damaging the surrounding areas.

Another area where core drilling in Sydney is popular is in road works. Creating vents for underground maintenance, drainage, run-offs, steam-pipes, grating and sewage systems are some examples where core drilling is used by civic bodies and municipalities. Large-scale core drilling work in Sydney can be used for building-demolition, construction of highways, dams, bridges, laying paving stones and road-widening.

Before employing a core drilling company in Sydney, it’s essential to keep some guidelines in mind:

Technical expertise: is crucial since the machines are complex, expensive and potentially dangerous to operators, passers-by and bystanders. Check the licenses, qualifications, experience and training of the operators and also whether these are up-to-date and relevant.

Licenses/Norms: of the company or service-provider should be verified. Also check whether their staff has the proper workmen’s’ compensation and insurance compliances. Find out what to do in case of accidents.

Safety: is paramount. Ensure that operators wear the appropriate protective gear and then operate the machine in a safe and cautious manner after giving due warnings.

Efficiency: Get a reliable estimate about budgets, deadlines, possible extras, compensation for delays and damage.

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