Major roadwork needs major work teams each assigned to their area of expertise. At Syd Cut we have been the team providing the core hole drilling Sydney road works require to stay on schedule and on budget.

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No matter what core hole drilling Sydney requires, Syd Cut is able to provide them. We can work on drilling for manholes and underground maintenance tunnels, vent systems for run-off and steam pipes, grating, road drainage and sewage piping. No matter what the need you will find Syd Cut has the knowledge, manpower and equipment to get the job done.

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At Syd Cut we pride ourselves in providing quality service at competitive prices. We know municipalities are often forced to work with low budgets. We can help keep your job within your budget without sacrificing knowledge and expert service.

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We also know time is money and nothing is more frustrating for drivers than being faced with traffic jams. We plan our schedule so we can get the job done fast so you can succeed in providing the quickest possible road repairs and maintenance to keep your town functioning smoothly.

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You want to know that the core hole drilling Sydney needs is performed by trained professionals who can drill precisely using the right tools and the right team. We pride ourselves in using only the most knowledgeable team for every job.

When you are in need of the core hole drilling Sydney depends on for their roadwork Syd Cut is the logical choice. We are your core-drilling experts who will meet your budget and help you stay on time to keep things running smoothly for your roadwork projects. Call us today.

Core hole drilling is regularly used in the building and construction industry for boring holes in the ground and it is also a common practice in the mining industry while conducting exploration for minerals.

The core hole drilling operation makes use of special core hole drills which are designed to extract a portion of material via the drill bit and this material is used for testing or analysis in case of mining operations, or discarded in cases where the hole is required to install foundation pillars, fencing, conduits for power or phone cables etc.

In heavily urbanized cities like Sydney, where such civil engineering work has to be carried out without disturbance or damage to surrounding structures, in noise/vibration-free and pollution-controlled conditions, undertaking core hole drilling in Sydney can be challenging.

It calls for experienced and expert professional contractors who are trained to use state-of-the-art equipment, follow best practices in complying with health and safety regulations, employ personnel who are covered under workers’ compensation and insurance, are qualified and licensed to carry out such work.

The drill bit consists of three tungsten, steel or diamond blades arranged round the bit which rotate to form the hole as it drills through the earth’s surface. The inner tube inside the bit removes the core and blows it up to the surface where it can be collected.

Core hole drilling is typically used in installation/modification of water/electrical systems, installing gas, plumbing, telecommunications or heating systems, construction work in bridges/flyovers/railways. Apart from these, it is used in the diamond and precious stone mining industry in Australia. The core which is removed can be sent for testing to decide whether further exploration is required in the area.

In areas which are known to be diamond mining areas, core hole drilling operations are carried on with great precision and care to avoid damage to the precious stones. The matrix around the gems is cut carefully and the diamonds are removed and classified according to their weight, clarity and size.

Core hole drilling in Sydney consists of civil works such as making openings for manholes, underground transportation, maintenance channels, sewage and water supply pipelines, air vents, drainage and gratings.

Another area where core hole drilling in Sydney is crucial is in road works. Removing or replacing medians, lighting poles, electrical conduits, water and sewage pipelines are some of the essential services that come under the purview of most municipalities here and employing a trained, experienced, qualified core drilling services provider ensures that public money is well-spent and living conditions remain perfect.

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