Roadwork depends on plenty of core holes Sydney roads need for drainage, sewage and manholes. At Syd Cut we are the experts you need to drill the core holes Sydney roadwork requires.

Core Holes for all Requirements

At Syd Cut we know that there are a number of requirements for roadwork projects in which core holes must be drilled including:

  • Man hole drilling
  • Drilling for underground maintenance tunnels
  • Drilling for vent systems
  • Run-off or steam pipe drilling
  • Road drainage
  • Grating and Sewage Piping

Professional Concrete Experts

We are your concrete experts ready to provide all of the concrete services you require. We have the team of professionals whose expertise is seen in the core holes Sydney requires for every road and highway you have to maintain. You can depend on our team to bring the equipment and knowledge to prepare the core holes and do it in a manner that will require less maintenance in the future. We do things right the first time so you aren’t constantly requiring repairs.

Affordable Core Holes

Part of our value comes not only from our low prices but also from our efficiency and knowledge. Each job we perform is done with consideration of the weather and climate in your area so we can do the proper finishes that will make for longer lasting core holes Sydney needs for lower maintenance fees.

When you are in need of the drilling services for your core holes Sydney can depend on call Syd Cut. We can provide affordable prices with a team of concrete experts who can prepare the core holes you need on time on and budget. Contact us today.

Drilling core holes with the use of a concrete core drilling machine is an essential part of the mining, construction and building industries. Using such machines in busy urban areas like Sydney is very common since civic bodies, home-owners, business corporations and others require a host of services. These services include road works, drilling openings in concrete for electrical, telephone or plumbing works, installation of runway lighting in airports, lighting and cabling in bridges, dams, flyovers and railways.

The process of drilling core holes involves the use of a high-speed, high-powered drill which is fitted with hollow drill-bits. While drilling the holes of required dimensions, a core or plug is pushed into the hollow section of the drill-bit. This can be blown out or removed later. The plugs or core may be used in the mining industry for ascertaining the presence of oil, precious metals or stones and in the building industry for testing the structural strength and nature of the soil before construction. Vent holes for air, steam or gas escape/entry, gratings, air-conduits, pipelines, sewage and drainage works, underground maintenance tunnels and pockets for electrical fittings are the areas where core holes are required.

This is definitely not a DIY job as it calls for technical expertise, professional equipment and good experience and working knowledge. Licenses and certifications, insurance and damage liability compliances, maintaining the health and safety of operators and others in the vicinity are important features that need to be looked into.

There are many core hole drilling service providers in Sydney but not all of them may have the requisite skills, training or experience. Always go with a company that has a proven track-record or one that’s recommended by a trustworthy source.

They should use state-of-the-art technology and employ trained people. If you’re considering a large-scale job, it’s essential to get a proper estimate regarding fees, add-ons, insurance coverage, safety norms, time frame etc before signing up with them.

Core hole drilling companies in Sydney should also have the necessary affiliations with professional bodies, know-how about the proper permissions and licenses to be taken before work starts and punctuality should be a priority.  Their work should be of top-quality so that you don’t have to conduct repairs in the near future. Precision work and good advance preparations must be part of their credo, otherwise you could end up with delays, unexpected glitches and a waste of time and money.

For top-quality core hole drilling services, call at 1300 513 889 and consult them for all your core holedrilling needs in Sydney.



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