When you require heavy-duty concrete core drilling for your projects Syd Cut has the knowledge and experience to get the job done on time and on budget. Syd Cut has been providing the core drilling Sydney needs for years and can get to work on your job with confidence and determination.

On Time and on Budget

At Syd Cut we pride ourselves not only on our superior service but our competitive prices. We focus on quality work and efficiency so you are paying the best possible prices for the best possible service. We have always been the company to beat when it comes to pricing and we will be happy to provide a quote for your core drilling needs to prove it.

All Core Drilling

We can provide the core drilling services you need for all jobs including:

  • Drilling for man holes
  • Underground maintenance tunnels
  • Vent systems for run-off or steam pipes
  • Road drainage
  • Grating
  • Sewage Piping

Road Work Experts

Our team has been providing the core drilling services for road works for many years and have the expertise you need to complete your jobs on time and on budget. We know that many smaller municipalities have tight budgets so we not only provide competitive prices we perform the work you need so you do not require tons of maintenance work too soon.

When you are looking for the core-drilling experts to assist with your roadwork needs, call Syd Cut. We will provide you with the core drilling services that will come in on budget, help to get the job done quicker and help you avoid costly road repairs down the line.

Core drilling is the operation by which holes are drilled in solid concrete. This may be for creating conduits for installing hand-rails, poolside-fencing, access for power/phone cables, security-fencing, vents, conduits, pipes and anchors. Other requirements are for creating manholes, sewage/drainage piping, gratings, air or steam vents in underground transport systems and maintenance tunnels. Pockets for lighting fixtures, plumbing pipes, holes in ceilings and walls for cabling and wiring, holes in roads and sidewalk slabs for dowel drilling and re-bar tie-ins are some of the other areas where such operations are essential.

The core drilling machine removes a core or cylinder shaped material from the solid concrete structure. This can be preserved for some other purpose or it can be broken down and reused. Holes can be of various diameters ranging from very fine openings of 15mm to larger holes of about 300mm diameter. Such operations are common in road works and drilling operations for mineral exploration where a sample has to be removed for testing/lab analysis.

The drill bits used in core drilling are diamond core drill bits which ensure a speedy, clean and perfect finish without disturbing or damaging surrounding structures. The wet-drilling process ensures minimum dust, flying debris and noise.

Enlist the services of a reliable, experienced professional core drilling services company for your operations as this is definitely not a DIY job. Some core drilling jobs may require bevelled edges or rounding off the edges or creating different shapes of hole with the help of the right drilling tools.

Core drilling experts can also conduct efficient, swift, economical operations in busy areas like highways when medians need to be worked on, or in tight-fit areas like residential apartments, sensitive areas like nuclear/electric power plants, noise-free zones like hospitals/health-care facilities. Expertcore drilling operators can ensure vibration/dust free, non-polluting operations without creating hazardous exhaust fumes or smoke of their own and ensuring that surrounding structures are not disturbed/damaged and they remain safe and stable.

Using precision core drilling tools to create the right kind of openings is one part of the job. Punctuality, expert personnel working to optimum capacity, charging the right kind of rates, providing what the customer requires, leaving a neat and clean site behind and providing guarantees and future assistance are what the ideal core drilling service can provide. A well-trained and experienced workforce is the keystone of a core drilling service. They should be certified, licensed, be frequently assessed and undergo refresher courses in the latest technology.

Compliance with safety and insurance norms, following best practices and environmental legislation, using state-of-the-art technology and minimum time should be the features you look for in a core drilling service provider. For more information contact us at 1300 513 889.